Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Energize it With Reiki or Light energy

You can manifest abundance, relationsips, jobs, etc with Reiki. the Universe is abundant and can give you want you desire. Be clear and ethical. Do you best not to violate anyone's free will.

Ways to create what you want
1. You can write down what you want
2. Draw an image of what you want
3. Visualize what you want
4. Manifesting Grid
- Visualize you wish with you in it
- Place the earth behind it (and you)
- Bring a golden grid over the picture, diagonal or spiral,running from sky to earth
- Draw the cho-ku-rei over the whole picture
- Hold the image for aslong as you can,then let go

After you get clear about what you want
1.Place or send a cho-ku-rei to the picture, drawing, or image
2.The cho-ku-rei can be drawn, psychically sent, or motioned with the hand

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